Facebook Status – January 17, 2014 at 12:03AM

Poetry meme round 2

The notion is to flood Facebook with poetry. How it works: Someone assigns you a poet, you post one of their poems, and if people like your post, you assign poets to them. (And if you click like on the response of someone to whom you assigned a poet, they should keep the ball rolling and assign another poet back at you). So to be clear – if you click like I’ll assign you a poet.

This time Marci Kernan assigned me the incomparable Rumi. Where do I even begin? Well why not with love, sex, death and transcendence? And all that in just four lines…

Any soul that drank the nectar of your passion was lifted.
From that water of life he is in a state of elation.
Death came, smelled me, and sensed your fragrance instead.
From then on, death lost all hope of me.


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