Facebook Status – December 28, 2013 at 10:52AM

I had so much fun taking Julie E Jumper’s Improv 1 class at The Basement Theatre. It is hard for me to describe what a positive experience it was for me. My classmates were fantastic and it was a ball as a grownup to have permission to pretend and play. It was also really intellectually stimulating and just great to have this really safe environment to let your guard down in. I swear it had an anti-depressant effect for me.

So anyway, I want more! I realized I really really want to take Jstar’s Improv 2 class in January! So to help make this happen I’m turning to the other thing in my life that involves a lot of improvisation, and that is of course my doodle art. If you’ve been a fan of my doodles you know I try to put a lot of love, light and fun into the work and if this class is at all like Improv 1 was, it is going to do a lot to nourish the part of me that flows into the drawings. It’s like recharging the batteries of my beacon. That’s why I’m throwing a little doodle sale to help me pay for the class – the sale is 15% off anything in my Etsy shop if you use the coupon IMPROV before Jan 6. Even if I can sell just a few extra postcards and stickers it will help a ton, and make signing up a much easier yes. Thank you so much for your support – and whether you can buy a doodle or not know that I’ve got lots of hugs for you! Thanks everybody! 🙂

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