Facebook Status – December 27, 2013 at 02:32PM

When marketing goes wrong… and a little creepy. Today I received in the mail a dvd-rom from H&R Block Tax Software. The package design has a large masthead saying “Belated Wedding Gift For the Happy Couple” and on the back “Taxes for two, Just for You”. Even if I were a newlywed I would find this in really poor taste, but as it happens Julie and I live together and although we coincidentally have the same last name, we are not married. We don’t file a joint return. We’ve lived together for a long time, nearly ten years, so I have no clue what might have triggered this mailing now, except maybe that we both signed up for insurance on healthcare.gov.

I figure by about 2020 H&R Block will be sending out mailings that say “We’ve already filled out your return, just sign and send us your payment.” #privacywhataquaintidea

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