Facebook Status – December 21, 2013 at 10:10AM

January so near, or is it here? And so we start another year, in January.

February, swiftest date, race the Moon to 28, in February.

March is wild, like you dear child, or is it mild, in March?

April showers make mud and buds, so don’t spare the soap or the suds, in April.

Merry child of May, smell the flowers and play and play, in May.

June, my love, is when you’ll swoon, hum a lovers’ tune, and spoon, in June.

July you can rely on firecrackers and cherry pie, in July.

Bare feet and August heat can’t be beat, life is sweet, in August.

September, please remember backpack and lunch sack, and all the kids at school, stay cool, in September.

October and all the leaves in town turning yellow, red and brown, rake a pile, jump and smile, in October.

November think of thankful things, of family and turkey wings, in November.

December tend the ember, rest before the glow, another year will quickly come, but this one has to go, in December.

~Doodleslice 2013

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