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Rucklesten 2013-11-12
by David Doodleslice Cohen

What does he do when he does what he does?
Where did he go when he went where he was?
What is the answer when he shrieks, “why because?!”
And the elephants ate all the cheese.

Rucklesten Mucklesten Pucklesten Pew.
Does what he did. And did what he knew.
Could you ask more of many or any or few?
And roller-monsters sleep in the cupboard.

Stirring in stirrups he hastens to fro.
Ever to wander and wonder to go.
Stalwart with pushcart, carving the snow.
And the rhino-cat rams not once, but again.

Rucklesten Mucklesten Pucklesten Pew.
Running amok in the forest of blue.
Pause with me. Stop and breath! Sit! Won’t you?
And the gull-birds squawk at the rockets.

Sit with me boy and upon that seat stick!
Speak sandy devil, we’ll watch the flames lick.
Toast these roast cabbages speared on a stick.
And sing songs that ring wrong to the nasty, so nasty, mean meanie, hob-goblin.

All is begun where beginnings do end.
All is the middle is what we pretend.
All is not simply this bell-curving trend.
And slide rules are “feet first and once at a time.”

Rucklesten Mucklesten Pucklesten Pew.
Where is your shirt? Explain what you do!
Socks on your hands and mud on your shoe!
And the Moon Man bumped his head snoring.

What does he do when he does what he knows?
Where did he stop when he went where he goes?
Why are the answers ne’er what you’d suppose?
And here we are back with the cart.

Would you ask more of many or any you meet?
Stand in their way, stomp stamp on their feet?
Shout “Why because?!” ’til you’re red as beet.
And sleep.

Rucklesten Mucklesten Pucklesten Pew.
Does what he does.
Why? Because.
He did, and he do.

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