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2012-09-08  #1574-prompt-0908

Well this is my response to the last of the prompts served up by Commodore Sarah Bray and her tri-corner festooned nation builders over at  A Small Nation.


Big props go out to working apprentice Jennifer Whitaker – I don’t know if she volunteered or was conscripted, but she waded bravely into the unknown creative frontier for every single one of the prompts in the Show & Don’t Tell Project and acquitted herself in the field with dignity and valor. She is an inspiration.


This last prompt was to draw or photograph yourself in the costume of your metaphorical nation and to give purpose to all the elements therein. 

Here’s my inventory recap:

  • A rainbow beret for artisitic integrity.
  • The bluebird of happines to remind you to let your soul soar.
  • Bushy eyebrows for owl-like wisdom.
  • Smiling eyes because it’s fun.
  • X-ray specs to see through the veneers.
  • The hand of welcome.
  • A fuzzy sweater for extra warm hugs.
  • The bunny beacon button to remind you to shine responsibly.
  • And old jeans fora comfy experience.


Thank you Sarah, Jennifer and the rest of A Small Nation for giving me some fun challenges and inspiration.  You guys have raised my game and I’m grateful for it.



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