monument to achievement #doodle #maquette


2012-08-30  #prompt-monu


This is my day 2 effort prompted by the rascally revolutionaries over at A Small Nation.

I might have gone a little bit over the alloted 10 minutes, but hey that’s not a lot of time to build a monument – even if your raw materials are paper, tape, markers, a way-cool ceramic paper cutter, and a certain élan for doodles.


The assignment was to make a monument to your achievements.  I like to think my greatest achievements, whether made through my doodle art or through my brand therapy work, are when I help someone to feel a lightness inside.  Any time my efforts make someone smile, or laugh, or feel happy, anytime they feel they now know themselves a little better and are empowered by that knowledge, that’s a time that I feel like I’m doing the work I’m supposed to be doing.

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