cartwheels forever #doodle


2012-08-12  #1534


It seems like every time I take my dog to the park lately I see kids doing cartwheels or trying to do handstands, even flips. It got me wondering when was the last time I did a cartwheel? At what point do cartwheels fade out of our lives?  I don’t think I ever did a smooth one in my life, but every single one of them was fun and filled with that dizzy exhiliration that seems to get harder to appreciate the older you get.  At almost 48 I don’t see many cartwheels in my future, but I don’t see why I can’t have the cartwheel feeling – the fun, the exhiliration, the sheer dizzy breathlessness.  I think the key is to try something silly once in a while, to just see where the impulse takes you, to put your all into an adventure. Explore a new street, or a new country. Just get yourself a little topsy-turvy on purpose – because you’ve immersed yourself in a passion. Maybe you’ll land smoothly on your feet, maybe you’ll careen sideways and flop out on the ground, but either way there will be that feeling, that gleem of being alive. Cartwheels forever, baby.


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