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2012-06-30  #1465-exp


Every once in a while something hits me that flows very organically onto the paper, but deviates in many ways from the main body of my doodle work.  When it happens I find myself debating whether I should post the piece or not.  I worry that the art may seem incongruous to a viewer who has only seen the happy bunnies and exuberant birds that I draw so often.  Some nights the editor inside me wins and I might put the piece aside to mull over – maybe I haven’t quite decided what I have or if it is finished.  

Then again, on some nights, like tonight, I find myself in the mode where I see my job as being one where I have to bring the integrity of my process into the light, messy as that might be. My job is to make the dawing, not to judge it or interpret it, but to let it vibrate and possibly confound.

If such a drawing troubles you I am sorry for that, but rest assured that behind even these rough and ragged strokes, there is  love.


Shine bright all you beacons out there!




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