Love and the Colonists #doodle


2012-05-16  #1392

Love and the Colonists
A Space Poem
by David Cohen
Another day, another credit
toiling, spoiling, as we mine the aster-rocks.
How the blueshift lights your eyes as you race toward me.
The sweet clang and groan as your retractable arm brushes mine…
Heat-resistant paint scrapes away in our hasty embrace.
Revealing the tattoo of forbidden love.
A dozen plant-bots for your pleasure.     
Golden petals, titanium stems, mylar fans.
Shade us from the lethal cosmic weather.
My tentacles press a special lever.
Ionic pulses free the water vapor
as we lase our initials upon the asteroid.  
And when the vestigial counting of the day is done 
and we must part 
untethered we drift, Perihelion and Aphelion
back to rusty satellites.
How the redshift radiates the longing in my heart.

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