Alien civilization (an invitation to tea) #doodle


2012-05-18  #1395
An Invitation to Tea
A Space Poem   
by David Cohen
Symbols in my head, where do they come from?
Symbols in my head, what do they mean?
Symbols in my head, are they a message?
Would I understand if I were green?
If I were green I’d get the message
If I were green I’d read the plot
If I were green I’d know these symbols
If I were green… alas I’m not.
Triangle square and circle, such simple shapes to see
I sense there is a meaning: hexagon rhomboid vee
I begin to sense the pattern, I start to hum their tune:
“Oh won’t you come for tea, dear? We’ll meet you on your moon”
“Don’t be shy, we’ve found you. Don’t be coy, you’ll see”
“We’re not so very different, although our eyes are three”
“We love our little gorplings. And we enjoy the fiddlesnarp”
“We promise not to eat you, although our teeth are sharp”
“Circle square and rhomboid, we want you to relax”
“The beam is now fixed on you, best hold on to your slacks!”
“Transporters are a queer ride, they’ll make you squeal and tingle”
“But once you’re on the moon, dear, we’ll sip some tea and mingle”


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