The Scarlet S #doodle


2012-03-16 #1306-s

The Scarlet S swiftly surveys the skies seeking rogue agents of
S.Q.U.I.R.R.E.L. (the Secret Quorum of Unsavory International Rogues,
Rascals and Evil Lyricists).

With his faithful companions the Scarlet Cardinal and the Scarlet
Hopper, he fights a never ending battle for Truth, Justice, and Less
Contrived Musical Theater.

* Startling orange hair – unnerves opponents, makes evil lyricists
drop their quills.
* Flying – comes in handy since International Rogues are so, well,
* Positive attitude – able to laugh away even the most dolorous of librettos.
* Magnetic socks (not shown)

* Deathly afraid of public speaking – can’t come within 25ft of a
lectern without getting queasy
* Easily distracted by large seafaring birds – ADSD (Attention Deficit
Seagull Disorder)

Origin Story:
Found this neat sweater with a big red S on it.

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