Of Lions Old, a doodle poem #poem #doodle

Of Lions Old, A Doodle Poem

OfLionsOld.pdf Download this file

2012-02-29 #1290-pdf

Okay, this is something new for me. A mini-book, a multi-doodle poem
in a pdf format. One friend called it a children’s book that’s not for
children. If you like it I hope you’ll download it and share it.

Here’s the full text of the poem:

Of lions old, once young

of lions old, once young
of songs, less often sung
of birds, so seldom stung
and heart and sweat and lung

How many thorns wrest from this paw?
How now this tooth loose in my jaw?
Will it hurt to chew the raw?
Dread the bones that I must gnaw?

Dare I chase you tusky boar?
Give you gnash and teeth and roar?
Is it not what I’m here for?
and yet I’ll wait a little more

Bushy tails mock, jackals grin
Bushy mane, your pride is thin
Come dog, closer, closer in
Come ROAR! Stay not within

Of lions old
and fear the cold
not done
no, not done

~ David Cohen


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