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reductio ad awesome #flowchart #doodle

reductio ad awesome, doodle no. 1660 by doodleslice David Cohen

2013-02-04 #1660

Just a simple flowchart to help you in your journeys.


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awesome flow chart #doodle

awesome flowchart - doodle no. 1638 by Doodleslice David Cohen

2012-12-06 #1638

Did you notice anything AWESOME today?
No? OK. Try again tomorrow.

Doing something awesome is nice too, but that’s a lot of pressure. Noticing awesome is important though. It can make you feel better, it can make others feel better, it can counter-act a lot of the dreck that we get fed in the news. Try to notice the awesome – and remember sometimes very humble things are awesome. And when you do notice something awesome, if you think of it, share it with me please.

Ok? Awesome.


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