magic carpet ride #doodle

Magic carpet ride - doodle no. 1611 by Doodleslice

2012-11-01 #1611

About a week ago I took a class called “Unf*ck Your Money Mojo.” It is part of a series called “Teletastics” being offered by the amazing Fabeku. As you might guess from the name it was not your usually dry webinar fare. In fact, it was awesome and gave me a lot to think about in terms of my relationship to money.

I’m not going to give away anything from the class because I’d rather have you learn from Fabeku himself, but he did propose an intriguing exercise, which I of course have modified to suit my unsuppressible desire to doodle. Over the next month or so I’m going to make some doodles that feature money. Technically I already started doing this with Heavy Tipper being the first doodle in the money series.

With these money drawings, I will be exploring some of my own relationship with money from a right brain point of view. I’ll be deliberately including symbols of money, depictions of cash, coins, etc., but the rest will be very much improvised (as many of my doodles are). I hope these are interesting for you to see, but I’m also hoping that they teach me to better understand my own dispositions when it comes to the ol’ green stuff.

I’ll still be doing some other doodles, but these money doodles I’ll start flagging with “ms” in the inventory number. Thanks for hanging in there with me as I do some exploring, and feel free to share your thoughts and reactions on these drawings – or any of the doodles I post. I always enjoy reading the feedback and will try to answer any questions I can.

-David a.k.a Doodleslice

ps. Be sure to check out Fabeku’s upcoming Teletastics – the intro video alone is worth the click 🙂

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