Barcamp 2 – Day 2 – Lance on Twitter

Lance Weatherby of ATDC fame is presenting on Twitter.  And he made his presentation using it.

He is putting up tweets on why people use twitter.

Once again, I should apologize to my usual readers who may not know what I’m talking about.  I’m at barcamp – a live event where a lot of technology minded people come together to talk about stuff.  They decide what to talk about while they are here.  It can get nerdy, but it is cool, and the things that happen at events like this are what shape branding nd marketing tomorrow.

Now talking about ways Twitter can waste your time.

And can Twitter be a good marketing tool.   It can be used for branding. It is a form of word-of-mouth.  It is not for “hard marketing” but it can influence, and it can be mined for trends.

It can be used for self-promotion.

Why follow people (follow is twitter terminology) ?  People you respect, admire, smart, funny, interesting.

Why unfollow?  Signal to noise ratio.  Too much tweets in a row.  Too much “A” list activity drowns out the rest.  Funny can keep you around longer (even if you’re tweets are stupid)

Theme — Be human!  Not a ‘droid or a marketing shill.

Lance is responsible for getting Sig Mosley on Twitter.

“Keep tweets sharp or go home”

Twitter tools:  Most heavy users like to use a client like Twhirl or tweetdeck, twinkle, twitterific.

Summize (now, Favrd -??

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