Lou the Goo #doodle #poem


2012-06-07  #1428

They came when we weren’t looking
  a space poem by David Cohen
Our eyes were trained on Mars,
Much closer than those stars. 
The angry orb of red:
Green myths for us to dread.
It seemed so very clear,
Green Martians we should fear.
Then Monday crash-landed,
Purple pods, now stranded. 
Out slid a wiggly goo,
Who said his name was Lou. 
We asked if he was mean,
He laughed, “not even green!”
“We’re not from Mars” he said,
“That rock is nearly dead.”
“I come from planet Glrrn,”
“Where grows the burning fern.”
“We orbit ’round Tau Ceti,”
“Eating blue spaghetti.”          
Silly us watching Mars,
When out beyond our stars,
Live Glrrnians, so nice,
And fond of Saffron rice.  
Each a pleasant fellow,
Jiggling like Jello.       





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