Doodles to Noodle Example

When I make the drawings for a Doodles to Noodle session they are normally only shared with that customer, after all, these are personalized works of art made based on concepts and emotions found through a conversation process of personal exploration.

I’m happy to say that one remarkable client named Keith has recently, and quite graciously, offered to share this set of doodles that I drew for him.

The gift of time.

Doodles to Noodle Example 4 I Will Not Squander

I Will Not Squander
click image for larger view and note

Each drawing is a response to themes that come from the magic mirror conversation. Some drawings are about a single theme, others may mix multiple ideas. For Keith a recurring theme was his practice of centering and his acute awareness of time.

I like to put each drawing in a simple display folder and will sometimes add a few words or thoughts to go along with the visual. For this drawing I wrote “Time, love and spirit. All are gifts. All are precious. Be mindful of how they are spent and shared — for yourself and with others.” You can click the image to see how it appeared in the folder along with the handwritten note.


I Woke Up Happy - A Doodles to Noodle Example

I Woke Up Happy
– click for larger view & note –

With this second drawing I added these words:
“Knowing yourself
exploring within

and being happy with
what you find.”

This drawing was actually a direct response to something Keith said during our conversation. It was about a specific morning where he woke up especially happy. He said it with such delight and enthusiasm, but also with just a hint of surprise – it really touched me. The other words on the drawing came from other things he said, some direct quotes others paraphrased, but taken together it felt as though these words were a guide for his own personal path of happiness.

A world within his world.

Doodles to Noodle Example 3 Bicycle

– click image for larger view –

This last doodle is in many ways the “big picture” for Keith. I shared these words with the image:
“Calm in solitude
Going at the pace he wants to go.
Gathering his reserves.
Finding energy and spirit in nature.
Yin and Yang.
Weakness and strength
A world within his world.”

Keith draws much of his personal strength and resilience from solitude. He communes with nature to connect with the spiritual side of his life and to help him relocate the balance that has been a fundamental element of his success. He is always mindful of the ability of a strength to be abused or insensitively used and thus become a weakness, and he is likewise always seeking the hidden strengths that emerge from weakness, both in himself and in others. His inner world is both a sanctuary from the day to day realities, but also a place to rebuild and find perspective and focus to better enjoy and thrive in the everyday world.

An extra Om.

Doodles to Noodle Example 2 Om Man

Om Man
– click image for larger view –

Working with Keith was a true delight and I am very grateful that he allowed me to share this very personal art journey here with you. For that reason I made this one bonus drawing to speak to the quiet intensity that accompanies Keith’s gentle demeanor, and to also give a place of honor to a symbol that is of particular importance to him. “The quiet business man. Outwardly laid-back. Inwardly intense. Centered and spiritual.”

Thank you!

Thank you for taking this little detour and allowing me to guide you through this glimpse into one client’s personal exploration. Thank you also to Keith for being so open and willing to share.

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