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Sneakerdoodles - sneakers with doodles
Sneakers with doodles:
900% more awesome!

Hand-crafted doodles that make your shoes unique, personal and amazing.

sneakerdoodlesHere’s how it works:

You buy some sneakers, send them to me, I make the doodle magic and then send them home to you.

spacebunny-sneakerdoodles-frontclose-1000If you know your size you can buy them online and have them shipped directly to me. Canvas sneakers in white, natural or ivory work best for the doodling.

Sneakerdoodles cost $120 plus shipping to send your sneakers home to you. Shipping anywhere in the US is $16. International is a bit more depending on where you live.

Play the Sneakerdoodle jingle!     

sneakerdoodle mark moore debbra savage - 25-600sneakerdoodle mark moore debbra savage - 24-600sneakerdoodle mark moore debbra savage - 19-600

Are you ready for some footwear fabulousness?

Yes? Awesome!

I’ll just need some info to get the ball rolling…

Help me make your shoes extra special.


I want to make your sneakers as special as I can. To help me do that I hope you'll answer just a few questions. These will help me tailor the doodles just for you.

Are there any colors you want me to feature in the doodles?

You know I love to draw birds and bunnies, but these shoes are for you, not me. What would you like? What are your doodle preferences?

How about a theme, catch-phrase or saying that you like?

Do you want your name or a nickname on them? If yes, please spell it here the way you want it for the shoe.

Contact info.

I'll need to reach you by email to confirm your info and arrange payment (I use PayPal).

Your Name

Your Email

Phone Number

Mailing Address (for shipping your sneakers)

Ship to Name

Address Line 1

Address Line 2

Apartment Number or Suite


State or Province

Zip or Postal Code


Comments and Send.

Thanks for answering these questions! The info is really going to help me make your sneakers rock!

So here's one last space for any other comments, excitement or awesomeness you'd like to share.

Once you hit the button below you'll get an automated email confirming your answers and providing the shipping address to send your sneakers. I'll follow up by the next business day if there are any clarifications I need based on your info. Then I'll send you a PayPal link for the Sneakerdoodles fee of $120 plus shipping to your address.

Praise for Sneakerdoodles

Lisa D'Alessio“My sneakerdoodles have become my Shoes of Power. Seriously. I put them on, and I feel different: more connected, more in touch, more awesome. C’mon, you say, they are just shoes! But they are more than just shoes. These sneakerdoodles were created JUST FOR ME. They are filled with images of my theme (LOVE) and when I put them on, I can feel all the love that went into their creation. They were jointly created: my thoughts, David’s skills, and together, we created this super cool work of art that I get to wear every day. I am not a shoe person…but I LOVE these shoes!”

~Lisa D’Alessio – Owner, Massage Medica.