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Mark RadkeDavid Cohen spoke recently at a career networking event on Personal Branding. He is an excellent presenter and delivered his material with great clarity. His style is relaxed, engaging and he commands respect as a subject expert.

The audience was unanimous in its praise of David. I highly recommend him as a speaker for executive or professional branding.

~Mark Radke, Principal, Edge Healthcare Consulting

Scott LealI had the opportunity to participate in a presentation that David offered on branding. I was quite impressed with his presentation and the concepts he laid out. He took those concepts and put them into actionable steps that everyone could start using immediately.

~Scott Leal, Chief Compliance Officer at Amendia Inc.

Dan GreenfieldDave is a talented brand specialist. I had a chance to experience David’s brand therapy before I launched my website. His insights were very helpful in shaping my personal brand. Beyond insightful, David is also very responsive and reliable. When something needed to get done, it got done.

~Dan Greenfield, Principal, BernaiseSource Media

Roger StixDavid knows branding. I have been working with David from time to time on my company branding. He has deep insights and a sharp, fast mind.

He also taught me an important lesson for today’s economy – Branding is as important for individuals as it is for companies. Your Qalisis, linkedin, blogging are all part of your “brand” and they need to be managed… David can help.

~Roger Stix, Producer, Atlanta Business Video

David spoke to a group of Georgia Tech College of Computing Alumni and was able to help us better understand how to create a personal brand. He provided a thoughtful approach along with practical applications. I don’t think anyone even fell asleep at a 7:30am meeting. Nice job!

~Randy Arrowood, Partner, Fred Squared, LLC

Hadriane KalfusDavid spoke to our Wednesday morning Job Transition group recently and empowered us to brand ourselves and to show ourselves in the best possible way to achieve our goals. David has a wonderful personality, is very articulate and extremely knowledgeable. His ideas and way of looking at how to attain our goals was wonderfully informative and got us rethinking how we approach the job market. David’s presentation was unique and yet sensible for today’s economy. I urge everyone to hear David speak as soon as you can!

~Hadriane Kalfus, Accounts Payable Analyst-Manager, Select Media Services

Jennifer SturgeonDavid was recommended to me as a guest speaker and he graciously agreed to present his “personal branding” topic to our C3G women’s networking group. His discussion was extremely insightful and helped many to refocus and reconsider how to present your best self and skills while in job transition. We appreciate him paying it forward!

~Jennifer Sturgeon, Volunteer, Guest Speaker Coordinator, C3G Women’s Networking Group

Christine SchmidtDavid gave a presentation on “personal branding” to our C3G group recently.

He explained what personal branding is, and we gained an understanding of how important it is — how it is NOT about just shouting your name everywhere — but in fact about focusing attention on our authentic strengths and building a positive reputation.

A positive reputation then brings you more of the kind of work you want to do, the kind of work that you excel at. As a result of his speech, most of us came away feeling more focused and motivated to tell our own story (in a job search) – more confident about who we are.
Thank you, David!!

~Christine Schmidt, MBA, Sales & Marketing/ Business Analyst, Consultant

Debi ShendelmanDavid spoke at a Dunwoody Chamber “Smart Start” event. Despite the early hour, the audience was engaged by the tips David shared to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of promoting the companies or individuals.

~Debi Shendelman, Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce

David UnruhDavid made an excellent presentation to our marketing group demonstrating his contemporary insight of branding and the importance of personal job search branding, His strategy is both focused and timely as it helped us all understand his ” 3 R’s” and having your last thing be ” a first impression.”

~David Unruh, Director of Sales & Marketing at Innovative Parking Concepts, LLC

Charlie ChengDavid has come to speak for Hobnob on many occasions on the topic of branding. Each time he brings his vision of what a successful brand should look like and how to achieve it. For college students, it provides an interesting world-view on how to land a internship, find a career, or even decide on a major. His particular talk synthesizes the demands of the new technologically savvy generation with the profesional style of the previous.

~Charlie Cheng, Intern at Bank of America

Diane BoginoDavid and I have worked together on several occasions and his leadership skill are a model for anyone to follow.

David Cohen is one of those rare individuals who uses both sides of his brain to maximize results for his clients. He is not only skilled but passionate about his business and works diligently to create the best solutions.

David will work long and hard to understand what you and your business need to grow and become profitable.

~Diane Bogino, Owner, Performance Strategies, Inc.

Rachael KaplanDavid’s presentation was informative and interesting. General sentiment in the room afterward was that it was a topic that many people had not really thought about before as in depth as David presented it. It got the room thinking and David did a wonderful job of fielding questions afterward. He was reliable and punctual and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him as a speaker for any future event!

~Rachael Kaplan, Founder, Lead Consultant at Right Your Resume

Beth HermesDavid came and spoke to our business association about social networking and marketing, and presented the material in a clear, concise format that helped inform our group of the benefits of this “free” type of advertising. David certainly follows his own advice: “Make a Good First Impression” with social networking!

~Beth Hermes, Self-Employed Writer/Marketing Specialist, eIRIS Marketing

Michael SilvermanIf David hasn’t already branded “The King of Branding” for himself, then he should. David is the most knowledgeable person I know about the topic of “branding”. Intelligent, trustworthy, hard-working…I can go on. I highly recommend David and Equation Arts, LLC if your business is in need of a professional identity.

~Michael Silverman, Managing Director, Silver Web Solutions

Seth DeitchmanDavid is a fantastic netweaver and creative professional. He listens very well and that is one of the many strong qualities that he possesses, which has people talking about him in such a great light. David has connected me with several professionals who are very impressive and they were people who I was very interested in connecting with. His artistic skills and business savvy help him be very creative with the solutions he offers to his clients as seen in his work. David is a strong professional to have working on your team or as a valued partner. I recommend getting to know him and once you do you will want to find him some projects to work on so he can make you look good.

~Seth Deitchman, Financial Advisor in the Global Private Client Group, Merrill Lynch

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