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I am so excited to have this opportunity to get to know you and to create your Doodles to Noodle!

To begin the process, please fill out the form below. The first few fields are for your contact info and your mailing address so I can ship you your drawings. The questions further down the page will help me prepare for our magic mirror conversation.

Relax and have fun with your answers – it is not a test, it’s just how we begin our conversation. I’ll follow up by email within 24 hours to make arrangements for scheduling our phone session and payment.

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    Doodles to Noodle

    The questions in this section will help me prepare for our phone session. They are open-ended because there are no right or wrong answers, only YOUR answers. Share only what feels right to share.

    Where does your story begin?

    For the path you are on today, when did it start? How long have you been on this road? What prompted you to begin? Is there a point where you feel you came into your own?

    What's your situation?

    Are you currently exploring something specific? Facing a particular challenge or weighing an opportunity? Is your interest more general? For example - wanting to know yourself better, or learning to more clearly define your vision?

    What's your superpower?

    Do you have a special talent? What do you want people to pay attention to? Is there something that you feel inside, but haven't expressed? In what kind of situations do you thrive? What kind of interactions or people make you feel you are at your best?

    Color your world.

    Do you have any favorite colors? Do you surround yourself, your office or home with any particular imagery? Favorite sounds or smells? Music you love? Favorite quotes?

    Comments and more.

    Use this space for any comments or anything else that you think would be helpful for me to know before our call.

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    Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. It really does provides a lot of valuable context for our conversation and your doodles.

    When I receive your form submission I will contact you via email to schedule our magic mirror conversation. You will also receive a PayPal invoice from Equation Arts for the $650 free.

    I’m looking forward to sharing this special experience with you and presenting you with Doodles to Noodle made exclusively for you.



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