Kitten up a tree – a guest perspective

My good friend David Bailey shared the following with me.  He begged me to edit it, but I liked it in its raw form:

“Human problems, top and bottom:

Top: call it the ‘kitten syndrome’.

People who find themselves with no path down from where they’ve gotten themselves in life. Even the soft ground below looks like a fatal drop, so they climb higher and higher and the problem gets worse. How to find yourself where you need to be without breaking your neck?


Maybe it’s the tree itself – the tree syndrome.

Your job is to be a tree. That’s pretty daunting, since you’re a seed.

1) What do I need at this stage?

What do I need at this stage? Water is your limiting nutrient. If you don’t soften that outer core and fill yourself with a medium for reactions to take place, you’re going nowhere. So you need water now, but what you need will change.

2) Oh, crap, where did I end up? Which direction now?

There’s no light here. Fortunately in this story, you’re not just one seed, but several.


1) Good. Got water.

2) Got light. Lucky.


1) Need soft soil for roots.

2) Okay, reach down a little to the left.


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