I want a jingle

Chock Full O\' Nuts

Confession time, I miss the age of jingles. Sure they still linger around on radio and turn up on the odd low-budget commercial, but there was a time when jingles ruled the Earth. You younger readers might not remember “Chock Full O’ Nuts is the heavenly coffee…” but certainly you know “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz….” or the Oscar Meyer Weiner song, or the nigh-operatic “My bologna has a first name….” I’m not that old, am I? Well nonetheless, I want a jingle. Something snappy and memorable, something to look back on with nostalgia in my dotage. And why don’t more marketers have jingles? You know something like “You get more lather from Ogilvy & Mather.” Well you get the idea.

So resolved, Equation Arts needs a jingle, something with the nerdy folkiness of a Jonathan Coulton with a touch of the art school quirkiness and humor of a James Kochalka.

So I started here:

Sales were weak, were we forgotten?

Our brand was sad and just seemed tired,

The story felt bland and uninspired,

Brand Therapy is what we desired.

This where the good part starts:

Along came Equation Arts!

Logic and creativity, not insults.

Whole Brand Thinking, made our brand a cult!

Naah, too long. Then I thought maybe Oscar Meyer was on to something with that spelling thing:

“E” “Q” “U” “A” “T” “I” “O” “N,”

“A” “R” “T” “S,” your brand’s best friend!

Snappy, but doesn’t really say much, so I got a little abstract:

Left Brain, Right Brain — both are real.

You can’t just think, you also have to feel.

Short, and got the essence, but where’s the company name? So for the time being I’ve settled on:

If you want to win your customers’ hearts,

Get Brand Therapy from Equation Arts.

Anyone got a melody for me?

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