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2012-09-02  #wal-10


This is an excerpt from a larger project I’ve been making in my spare time (in other words it is developing really slooooowwwlllyyy) called “We Are Legacy”.

It’s a combination doodle and prose poem to make a picture book for grown-ups. Right now all the panels are in black and white, I haven’t decided if I want to color them or leave it open for people to color themselves. That raises some questions that I’d love to know your thoughts on:

Is it okay for an adult to have a coloring book?

Does every line in a coloring book have to be a container?

How would you feel coloring in and around open-ended shapes?

Is it okay for a coloring book to have some color in it already? Would that invite you or intimidate you?

Do you still have any crayons? 🙂 





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