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2012-07-03  #1470


They’re saying what you think they’re saying. 

When you look at a cartoon and you see people (or bunnies) talking, but you don’t have a caption, then for all intents and purposes they are saying just whatever you imagine them to be saying.  This is wonderful… in cartoons.  

The problem is you and I do this a lot with real people (though not with many real bunnies). Oh and we’re bad at. Usually neither you nor I are even on the radar. But try telling that to your insecurities.

So here’s an idea: if you’re going to be wrong about what people are saying, why not be intentionally wrong, rather than accidentally wrong?  Acidentally wrong is your insecurities’ bread and butter. Intentionally wrong is choosing what you imagine people are saying. Oh it is just as much a wild guess, but at least you’ll be writing the caption you want, not the caption you fear.

Go a head, pick what you want to believe they are saying.  Choose the words. Choose not from doubt or insecurity, but from the center of your strength, the fulcrum of all your awesome power.  Let your conviction write the captions for real life that empower you and emancipate you, celebrate and love you.

You’ll still be guessing, and with no more accuracy than you had before, but on the other hand, you’ll now be right every time. 

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