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New in my Etsy shop: Signature Play, mixed marker doodle painting

350.00 USD, by doodleslice

via Etsy http://ift.tt/1DPvaR1

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Giving directions #doodle

Giving directions - doodle no.1603
2012-10-24 #1603

You may have noticed a different signature on this doodle. The other day my friend Sarah called me “Doodleslice” in a reply to a post on Facebook. It just clicked with me, so being a dutiful nerd I immediately grabbed the domain name, even though I have no idea what I might do with it. I also decided to start signing the doodles with it. I’m proud of my name and my family, but in this very connected online age, there are many David Cohens in the world, some of them even artists. As far as I know there is only one Doodleslice. I’ll still give my scribbly signature on the back, but I think I’m going to give this new name a go as my official nom de plume, or maybe I should say nom de marqueur.

Do you like it? Do you have a nickname? A moniker? A secret alias? Ever wanted one? C’mon share your secret alter ego! 🙂


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