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Earth mothering

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Keep Exploring

Still Life by Patrick Cardinale

This is a painting by Patrick Cardinale, a friend from my days at Montclair State. Sadly, I lost touch with him somewhere over the years, but he was a very talented artist – an explorer. We traded pieces a couple of times. I think he got one of my figurative paintstick drawings and I got this wonderful still life that hangs in our entryway. He was always interested in texture and surface and I always felt this piece brought together an element of German neo-expressionism to an otherwise very traditional form.

Seeing it almost daily now for decades it, as is natural, is usually just part of that ambient visual hum that I call home. But every once in a while it calls my attention in a more compelling way and it reminds me that even in the most mundane of subjects, the most commonplace of formats, there remains room for expression and frontiers for invention if you have the will and the humility to keep exploring.

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The Balance #doodle

The Balance, doodle no.1711 by David Doodleslice Cohen

2013-05-25 #1711

Confessions of a doodler #1: I often have difficulty reconciling the balance between love and money, passion and practicality.

The original drawing, The Balance, is available on Etsy.

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When in Doubt Add Love #doodle

When in Doubt Add Love, doodle no. 1710 by David Doodleslice Cohen

2013-05-22 #1710

I don’t know what these bunnies are cooking up, but it looks like love is the main ingredient.

You can purchase the original of this doodle on Etsy.

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Lava Girl #doodle #doodlebomb

Lava Girl, doodle no.1708 by David Doodleslice Cohen

2013-05-15 #1708

I haven’t done a doodlebomb in a long time, but when Veronicah Cohen declared that her superhero name is Lava Girl, I just couldn’t resist.

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Rough Cut Garden #doodle

Rough Cut Garden, doodle no. 1707 by David Doodleslice Cohen

2013-05-15 #1707

Rough Cut Garden is available for purchase on Etsy.

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