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You ever have one of those nights where you’re asleep and dreaming and you’re going through the jumble of random imagery, having conversations with people real and imagined and explaining yourself to the mentor who you haven’t seen in twenty-five years, who is twelve years dead, whom you never saw eye to eye with, who was more impressed with your girlfriend at the time than your paintings, and you find yourself explaining yourself to her and the paths you’ve taken because you still crave her approval and so you discuss the unkindness of the world and the beautiful generosity of individuals and the strangeness of now and how small your world has become, but the physics are wrong because that smaller world weighs heavier on you than it ever did when it was large and wild and terrible, and somewhere along the way you realize you’re no longer in the weird dream logic of elephant streets and non-euclidian architecture, but have seamlessly slid into consciousness and are lying in bed with eyes closed thinking hard, feeling on the precipice of something important, the keys to insight and salvation tantalizingly out of reach, but you haven’t opened your eyes yet, and the membrane between wakefulness and dreaming still feels thin and near and permeable and if you could just slide back across that divide, drift back into the dreamworld, you could access some well of order and that you would put your world right and lift the burden off yourself and others, unlock your career and know love and comfort, all at hand if you can just yield to the osmotic pressure that gently tugs at you from the sandman’s sleepy domain and dip back into dreaming just long enough to take a hearty draught from that well of wisdom, grasping at a few moments of conscious purpose to guide your hand in the endless library of unconsciousness…. but of course, you can’t because you have to pee? Yeah, that.

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